Centering absolute elements

This is a little bit of code I have written to centre a heading over a contained image. This uses position: absolute and it allows you to centre the h1 block element.
.intro-text {
     position: relative;

Newquay Zoo 2017

Our Journey There

Our journey started out with the usual Megabus stress. As you can see our megabus was delayed by approx 30 minutes due to traffic. Which wouldn’t have been a problem were it not for needing to be in Plymouth by 10. When we got on the megabus, the driver was moody, drove like a maniac but thankfully got us to our destination. A much obliging taxi firm picked us up from the bus station 30 minutes later than planned and we were on our way to our Air b’n’b. The patron was okay with our delay and showed us to our room. There was even fresh bread waiting for us the next morning.

Day of the zoo

We  set out early the next day to catch our train. Which went without a hitch, though we had to wait around in Plymouth for a little while. We changed at Par and as soon as we got to Newquay we set off straight to Whetherspoons for breakfast.
Tummies full, we headed for the zoo. They let us in and Emily did her interviews with two lovely members of staff. We then went around the zoo, and erm, the pictures speak for themselves.

Return Journey

All went to plan. We had twenty minutes to spare so we stopped off at Burger King for a cheeky one. Then we set off. We had a forty minute wait at Par, so rather than wait in the cold waiting area, headed to a nearby pub and sat by a fire. Emily worked on her pictures whilst I charged my phone. Soon enough we were back at the station and took the train from Par to Newton Abbot. Playing countdown and over hearing a poor girl arguing with her father about wanting to quit uni. We did feel sorry for her. When we got to Newton Abbot we got the bus home and Sophia was dutifully waiting for us at the door. Meow. Which is cat for never leave me again.